Celebrate the Russian New Year at the mythical Drouant

In Russia, New Year’s Eve is celebrated on December 31, but also on January 13 and 14. To find this festive spirit in Paris, the Drouant offers a 100% caviar menu concocted for the occasion.


Russians celebrate the new year of their ancient calendar, marking the end of the holiday season. At Drouant, an exceptional 100% caviar dinner celebrating the Orthodox New Year in a warm atmosphere is scheduled for January 13.



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With Russian music playing in the background, 100 grams of Osciètre Le Comptoir du Caviar will be offered per guest in a menu specially created for the occasion by the restaurant’s Chef, Thibault Nizard. On the menu, Drouant will offer caviar, but also a tartar of scampi, a filet of turbo and for dessert, a meringue with black lemon from Iran. The menu is proposed in 6 courses at 350€ per person, and also count 180€ for a food and wine pairing.


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Drouant is the mythical restaurant that houses the prestigious Goncourt and Renaudot Prizes. The Goncourt academy has ten members who meet every first Tuesday of the month in the elegant Goncourt lounge on the second floor of Drouant to discuss literary news.


For the Renaudot Prize, a ten-member jury meets in the Renaudot Salon each year on the day of the award ceremony to award the author of “a novel or a collection of short stories“. Announced at the same time as the Goncourt Prize, on the steps of the Ruhlmann staircase, the winner is then expected in the restaurant to meet the journalists.


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The Drouant restaurant was created in 1880 by the Alsatian Charles Drouant, and has hosted the deliberations of the Goncourt jury since 1914 and those of the Renaudot jury since 1926. Nestled on the peaceful Place Gaillon, the Drouant houses the spectacular Ruhlmann staircase, the famous private salons and the warm atmosphere that made the establishment a success from the late 1920s. Since November 4, 2019, we sit in a redesigned, refreshed Drouant, respectful of its past but resolutely turned towards the future, which combines history with modernity. It is the duo formed by the architect Fabrizio Casiraghi and the artistic director Franck Durand, who together have reinterpreted the Art Deco codes so emblematic of the establishment to bring them up to date.


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