[INTERVIEW] Eva Isaeva: the fashion designer with Chechen roots

Originally from Chechnya, Eva Isaeva is already a mother of four at the age of 25. She first launched a cooking blog before turning to the ready-to-wear market, encouraged by the positive feedback from her community about her consistently elegant outfits. In 2022, she decided to create her own luxury clothing brand, Eva Elegancia. Today, she has 120,000 followers on the brand’s Instagram account, and over 148,000 on her personal account.

The challenges of entrepreneurship as a Chechen immigrant mother


Luxus Plus: What prompted you to launch your first project, a cooking blog?


Eva Isaeva: In 2020, the desire to break the routine and the motivation instilled by my sister’s advice prompted me to launch a blog dedicated to cooking. By sharing recipes in stories, I managed to gather 140,000 subscribers in two years. The Eva Cook blog then became Eva Isaeva, reflecting my own evolution and new interests. The blog is no longer active.


LP : How did your friends and family react to the launch of Eva Elegancia?


Eva Isaeva: My family and friends were very encouraging. Their support was essential to the initial success of the project, and I’m very grateful to them. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been determined to achieve everything on my own. My parents always had confidence in me, because as soon as I set to work, I was already fully committed to what I was doing.

In fact, it was for us, his children, that my father insisted we move to France so that we could get a good education. When we traveled, he made sure we learned the language of each country we visited, so that I now speak six of them.

Despite all this, I’m still very attached to my native Chechnya, whose culture, history and traditions fascinate me. These are my origins, an important part of who I am. So I try to maintain the link by keeping abreast of what’s going on there and staying in touch with my family and friends who still live there.


LP : What advice would you give to other moms who also want to try their hand at entrepreneurship?


Eva Isaeva: My advice would be to prioritize work-life balance. Set clear boundaries, delegate as much as possible, and don’t underestimate the power of family support and networking. Plan flexibly, remain resilient in the face of challenges and, above all, follow your passion to create a harmonious balance between your parental responsibilities and your business.


Eva Elegancia: the birth of a luxury brand


LP : What are your sources of inspiration for Eva Elegancia?


Eva Isaeva: Although I’ve traveled a lot, my inspiration doesn’t come directly from that. Rather, it was my mother who deeply ingrained the concept of elegance in me. Even though she married young, she was exceptionally beautiful. Her manners, the way she spoke, her graceful gestures and even the way she dressed always fascinated me. It’s largely her influence that shines through in the creation of my pieces.


LP : What is your vision of fashion and luxury?


Eva Isaeva: Fashion transcends the simple garment. When it comes to haute couture, impeccable finishes and noble materials create an unparalleled sensory experience. It’s the artistic expression of elegance, femininity and refinement through unique creations.

Luxury, on the other hand, goes beyond expensive accessories. It represents a harmonious fusion of exceptional quality, meticulous craftsmanship and exclusivity. Each piece bears witness to a special emotion.


© Asombroso dress by Eva Elegancia


LP : How do you combine femininity, sophistication and comfort?


Eva Isaeva: In my designs, I focus on three key elements. First, the choice of materials plays an essential role. Opting for delicate, flowing fabrics guarantees a certain ease of movement while adding a feminine touch.

Next, the cut and silhouette are carefully crafted. Clean lines, thoughtful details and flattering cuts are integrated to create a refined aesthetic.

Finally, I pay particular attention to details, such as impeccable finishing touches, subtle embellishments and well-chosen accessories.

In the composition of my outfits, the balance between these elements is crucial.


LP: How did you manage to develop the brand (what role did your community play on social networks?)?


Eva Isaeva: In the beginning, my Chechen community gave me a lot of support by buying my first pieces. Word of mouth followed. Without this community, I couldn’t have progressed this far. Then, my visit to a fashion school’s open house was a decisive moment. The headmistress, discovering that I was a designer, asked me to take part in their fashion show at 7pm. At the time, I didn’t have a sufficiently accomplished collection to present, so I declined the offer. But then I realized that I could go further. Thanks to this opportunity, I planned to expand my brand. Today, our creations are sold all over the world, and we ship worldwide.


LP: How did your first show go?


Eva Isaeva: My first show was held at the Bristol Palace in Paris during Fashion Week 2023. It was an extraordinary moment. To feel the excitement backstage, to see my creations come to life on the catwalk, was indescribable. The flattering comparison with the style of the 40s, an era renowned for its chic and femininity, was particularly touching.

That first show was much more than just an event. It was the culmination of efforts, the realization of a dream. The positive reception and enthusiasm of the public strengthened my resolve to continue down this path. It was a memorable milestone that left me with great gratitude and renewed energy.

My ultimate dream is to build an iconic brand, like Hermès, Dior or Chanel.




Featured photo : © Eva Isaeva

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