Interview with Sylvain Gandolfo, Director of ISG Luxury Management

ISG Luxury Management is the ISG program designed for future players in the luxury and fashion markets. Explanation with its director Sylvain Gandolfo.


How do the new ISG Luxury Management programs strengthen the offer already made by ISG ?


For students who wish to pursue a professional career in this eco-system, it is necessary to acquire the codes of these luxury sectors. To be a student at the ISG Luxury Management is to integrate a Business School in the world of luxury and fashion and to appreciate all its aspects. The luxury industry being the most dynamic in France, the ISG, with its 54 years of expertise, had to meet the specific needs of this sector. Indeed, the current mutations, the digital and ecological revolution and since two years the pandemic crisis lead companies to review their development model. We are also seeing the emergence of new customers from Generation Z, and the acceleration of internationalization. The programs offered by ISG Luxury Management are part of this context.


How did the school develop its close ties with the fashion and luxury industries ?


Our pedagogy is obviously based on the fundamental knowledge of a business school. Through regular meetings with the actors of the luxury industry and a teaching staff from this sector, we offer a concrete professional immersion through real-life situations. Since then, we have been able to establish relationships of trust which are now materialized by concrete opportunities for our students. In this respect, the ISG Luxury Management Rendezvous is a key event, as it allows students to meet with the managers, professionals and daily actors of the companies.


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What are the values around which the new ISG Luxury Management programs are built ?


Our programs meet all the needs of luxury companies. They train cross-disciplinary and immediately operational profiles, where luxury cultures, sector expertise and international strategies form an indispensable network for the companies. Haute Couture and fashion, tourism and hospitality, watchmaking and fine jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics, interior decoration and design, gastronomy and oenology, lifestyle and art of living cover experiential luxury and personal luxury goods. To go further, our students specialize in areas such as marketing and luxury brand, web marketing and digital communication, event management, public relations and influence, and art direction. At the end of their studies at ISG Luxury Management, they will bring the skills necessary for the brands and companies that make luxury shine in France and internationally.


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