Longchamp x Toiletpaper: bags which have dog

Longchamp, the French leather goods company, unveils a new collaboration with the wacky and colorful magazine Toiletpaper. In need of inspiration for your summer it bag? Wait to discover this crazy arty collection and full of pep’s!


The famous Longchamp House once again reveals its talent in the art of collaboration. Always more offbeat, bright and funny, these capsule collections appeal to young and old alike, like the size of bags.


For this new hot and sunny summer, it is with the Italian magazine Toiletpaper that the brand joins the racing horse. This collaboration is a perfect symbiosis between the Longchamp identity and the colourful pages of the semester.



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THE summer collab


Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the creative duo of the magazine Toiletpaper, were surely the best placed to reinterpret the codes of the famous Pliage bag of the French House. Inventive and offbeat, they use the canvas of bags as pages of magazine.


Folding bags are revisited here with representations anchored in the French imagination, such as the baguette de pain, the adorable French bulldog or the horse, all mixed in a palette of vibrant and bold colors.



As if out of a pop art painting, these bags are the perfect way to counter boredom and make more than one smile during the holidays.


At Longchamp, the combination of fashion and art has always been an inspiration. We were excited by the unique way in which Toiletpaper combines art, fashion and pop-culture references with a dose of humour. We thought that their bold aesthetics and light approach to life matched Longchamp’s colourful and optimistic vision of luxury,” says Sophie Delafontaine, Longchamp’s Artistic Director.


And because this collaboration overflows with imagination and surprise, the advertising campaign is just as much like the Italian duo. Pink or blue backgrounds, models with shiny muscles or small hairballs giving the bag a black and yellow makeover, one thing is certain, these images will not go unnoticed in the street.




In addition to being a visual fireworks display, this collection represents a step towards a more green and sustainable fashion. Indeed, ToiletPaper’s images are reproduced on recycled polyester.


Mini, medium or large format for travel, Folding bags are now available and promise to become an essential for summer. The collection also includes pouches as well as a series of cowhide leather key rings. It is to be consumed without moderation, but to be kept as an object of collection all the same, because fashion is an art after all!





Featured photo : © Longchamp

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