Scotland – Highland Kings Ultra : A race for the money

If you want to get away from it all and work out in 5-star conditions, this completely new and innovative race is for you !


Sport and luxury : that’s the appeal of the new race set to take place on the west coast of Scotland: the Highland Kings Ultra. The first edition of this event will be held in April 2022.



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In order to participate in this very special race, a four-day race with a goal of 193 kilometres, each participant will have to pay 18,200 euros, making it one of the most expensive races in the world.


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The company organising the event, Primal Adventures, has described the race as “the most exclusive and luxurious ultra-run experience on Earth”. Rebecca Silva, director of Primal Adventures, told BBC Scotland that she wanted future participants to be able to “run like warriors, but recover like kings”.



If we are used to much less glamorous and luxurious races, this one is quite different as the 40 participants will be accompanied by butlers and will enjoy hydrotherapy pools and dinners with Michelin starred chefs. What better way to prepare for the race in the best conditions.


Tailor-made preparation


A personalised preparation is planned for each of the forty participants, in line with the race. They will receive a tailor-made training programme in the months leading up to the race. “The luxury aspect makes it very different from other races,” she said. It’s for professionals who can afford it, who are looking for an adventurous feeling, but want to be luxurious, off the beaten track, in nature and not in the typical places people visit,” said Rebecca Silva.



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Une publication partagée par Highland Kings (@highlandkingsultra)


“They will do sweat composition tests in the laboratory closest to their home, so that we know how to feed their bodies. There will be video conferences with doctors and psychologists. We will help them prepare in advance for the seven-month adventure leading up to the event, so that they are ready for the launch of the race, which is a world first,” said Rebecca Silva.


Another advantage is that runners will be able to talk to world ultra-trail champion Jon Albo and have the chance to receive special coaching from former military ultra-running specialist Anna-Marie Watson.


After the day’s running, you can relax and enjoy a star-studded dinner and a beautiful night in a luxury campsite. A programme that makes you want to take part and work out in this unique setting.


At present, the most expensive race is the World Marathon Challenge, a competition of seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, where the cost of the 2022 edition will be 39,900 euros. That’s enough to make even the most experienced runners dream !




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