The Chanel salons redesigned by Jacques Grange

The mythical and mysterious Parisian salons of the House of Haute-Couture Chanel, at 31, rue Cambon, have fascinated many. They continue to animate the myth of Gabrielle Chanel, as it is a place full of stories and secrets. The history of the House of Chanel began just a few steps from the Place Vendôme and has continued ever since, this time with a makeover of its salons by Jacques Grange.


The prestigious Chanel salons, now part of the collective unconscious, still fascinate many. From the large mirrors to the Art Deco staircase, classified as a historical monument, and the famous passageway leading directly to Gabrielle Chanel’s flat, the entirety of its rooms makes it an emblematic place in Paris.


This treasure of French heritage is, however, about to be given a makeover. Like the Eiffel Tower, which is currently being given a makeover in a colour reminiscent of its youth, the Chanel salons have also been given a makeover. For this, they called on the architect and decorator Jacques Grange.


Assises confortables
© Nicolas Matheus


Inspiration from the past


He was inspired by period photographs entrusted to him by Chanel for this project: “These photographs provided me with a reference, I like this kind of approach which allows me to enter into a history that I know well. For Chanel, I tried to evoke the salons as they had been in Coco Chanel’s time, but with an artistic spirit,” said the decorator.


The choice to entrust this project to Jacques Grange is not surprising. He is a long-time friend of the Chanel house, a close friend of Virginie Viard (the brand’s artistic director) and also of Karl Lagerfeld.


Since 1918, it is in this salon at 31, rue Cambon where the elegant women went to try on and adapt the creations of the fashion shows to their measurements.


A century later, they can once again enjoy a salon where prestige and elegance are in the spotlight: “I wanted to give a glamorous aspect, an even more couture spirit to these salons, which I wanted to make a very precious showcase,” says Jacques Grange.


Faire entrer la lumière
© Nicolas Matheus


Art and Paris highlighted in the Chanel salons


These revisited salons, mixing artists and Parisian designs, come together to give a second life to the House of Chanel. From Giuseppe Ducrot‘s white glazed ceramic consoles to Marina Karella‘s resin and glass pedestal tables and Patrick Dangel‘s plaster and bronze hanging lamps, the salons at 31 rue Cambon now look like an art gallery.


But the lounges are not the only ones to have been redecorated. Jacques Grange and his teams also restored Gabrielle Chanel’s private flat, located just above the legendary boutique. As it was the case with the shop’s famous staircase, Mademoiselle Coco’s flat has also been classified as a historical monument.


Monument historique
© Nicolas Matheus




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