Valmont unveils its new Firmness range, dedicated to skin firmness

The Valmont cosmetics brand is rolling out its new ritual 100% dedicated to restoring the skin’s firmness.


With its new Firmness range, the Made in Switzerland skincare expert Valmont is tackling loss of tone. Excessive sun exposure, smoking, frequent weight fluctuations… are all attacks on the skin, which becomes slacker each time.  But this is where the Firmness range comes to the rescue.


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The 3 V-Firm formulas that make up Valmont’s firming ritual provide an effective response to “Sinkers“: faces that tend to hollow out and reveal a very pronounced bone structure, and to “Saggers“: faces that reveal sagging, flaccid and lifeless skin. The secret? A combination of proven and more modern active ingredients that restore the density and thickness of the dermis.


A complete range


The Firmness range is made up of 3 ultra-performing products that meet the challenge of both comfort and sensoriality.  The V-Firm Serum is a generous and melting serum with a velvety finish, and the V-Firm Cream is an enveloping and comfortable cream. Finally, the V-Firm Eye is an eye contour care with a “honey gel” texture.



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The products of the range are elaborated with a cocktail of matrikines. Matrikines are message peptides, capable of regulating cellular activities. They activate certain genes involved in the renewal of the extracellular matrix and cell proliferation, mechanisms that are weakened with age.


Another active ingredient in the recipe: the Density Complex combines Vitamin C and the amino acids Lysine and Proline, which are essential for collagen synthesis. But it also contains a derivative of Glucosamine, precursor of hyaluronic acid, an extract of Immortelle for a good cohesion between all the elements of the dermis, and Copper, essential to the synthesis of collagen and elastin.


Finally, thanks to its exceptional anti-aging properties, Triple DNA, Valmont’s signature, provides all the energy elements essential to cellular vitality.


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