We tested for you Hockerty’s ultra-custom sneakers

We know Hockerty for its made-to-measure suits. What is less well known is that it is possible to choose a more casual wardrobe, including sneakers signed by the House. This summer, this online men’s fashion atelier added a dedicated 3D fitting tool. At Luxus plus, we set out to find out why this is the “most efficient personalization tool on the market”. Here’s the proof in three steps.


As you know, personalization is all the rage, and not just in Web3.


You are unique. And just because Generation Z has decreed that formlessness is the new uniform doesn’t mean you should jump in with both feet. Adopting a personalized outfit rather than a serialized one (with the risk of looking sloppy or baggy) is not only a way of standing out from the crowd. But it also means rejecting the fast-fashion impulse that fills your wardrobes and ruins the planet.


And yet, made-to-measure clothing is still too often seen as an unattainable dream: too expensive, too intimidating (try walking through the doors of a London tailor on Savile Row) and too time-consuming (hello, endless measuring).


But Hockerty has been democratizing made-to-measure in France and abroad for fifteen years now.

Initially focused on formal suiting, the online men’s fashion atelier has, over the years and with changing lifestyles, opened up to a more casual wardrobe. From head to toe.

And it’s all about feet, because since this summer, Hockerty has found the ultimate way of countering the main obstacles to the online purchase of personalized sneakers: a virtual fitting module. All the more reason to brave the cold and stay dry with new sneakers that are comfortable, hard-wearing, stylish and, above all, like you.


Here’s our experience.


A great choice


Arriving on the Hockerty website, you’re quickly struck by the breadth of choice open to customization: suits, tuxedos, shirts, vests, jackets, coats, pants, jeans and now chinos. There’s something for every taste, every color and every material.


And the same goes for shoes.


© Hockerty


Here too, one article wouldn’t be enough: there’s so much choice, from lace-up ankle boots to derbies, richelieus, brogues… Even the star model of the season – the moccasin – is out, in leather or velvet, if you please.


And what about sneakers?


At first glance on the site, the choice seems binary: immaculate white sneakers – a safe bet but without risk – or customized ones.


© Hockerty


And yet, to dive into the sneaker customization area is to encounter a firework display of proposals.


There are no fewer than seven models of customizable sneakers, from low to high. Each one evokes an inspired style, but also a cultural and fashionable urban destination (Barcelona, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Zurich…).


Once the model has been chosen, like a blank canvas, it’s time to create.


Customization module screenshot © Hockerty

First discovery: it’s possible to customize the entire shoe, from the toe cap to the heel cap, including the quarters and laces, not forgetting the laces, sole and back heels. Each yoke is dealt with independently of the others.


This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty of the details.


The choice of material starts with burnished or un-burnished leather, suede or fabric.


It’s an addictive affair: each option is available in between six and ten colors or patterns. The fabric version is undoubtedly the most original, with a tartan version (Brendan).


For the more flirtatious, it’s possible to add your own initials, either laser-engraved or perforated.


Finally, a size guide makes it easy to find the perfect fit.


What’s more, the customization tool makes it easy to manipulate the 3D model you’ve created, allowing you to view your pair of sneakers from every angle.


Once the model, materials, colors and patterns have been chosen, it’s time to move on to the second step: trying them on, without leaving home.


The virtual foot in the door


Since last summer, Hockerty’s sneaker offer has included a virtual fitting module. A service worthy of a pasha, accessible from the comfort of your own home.


Virtual Try On (VTO) is no longer reserved for the major luxury brands. E-commerce platforms such as Farfetch, Tmall and now Hockerty are getting in on the act.


To this end, the e-commerce platform has teamed up with innovative Polish startup Wearfits, based in Krakow.


The experience is realized using augmented reality (AR) technology.


Whether you’re barefoot or already wearing shoes, you can try on your sneakers before they’re even created – a minor revolution for the market.


All you have to do is point the camera of your cell phone at your feet, and you’re ready to go.


In just a few seconds, you can put on your future pair of shoes in real time. The model is reproduced in real size and adjusted to your feet using artificial intelligence.


In fact, you can lift your feet to a certain extent to see all the details. Only the underside of the sole cannot be examined. A good way to know if the size you’re considering will enhance your feet.


By offering this experience, Hockerty limits product returns – a substantial cost for e-commerce platforms and the environment alike.


Hockerty also solves one of the main obstacles to buying fashion products online: the problem of size. Sizes can vary according to market and brand.


Finally, the other obstacle is delivery, and surprise, you’ll only have to wait a fortnight before you can touch your latest creation.


An unpacking experience that’s sure to please


It’s D-day, and after all the phosphorating, procrastinating, elaborating and stalling, it’s time to unbox your precious model.


When you open the box, you’ll find a beautiful duck-blue shoebox – just the thing to match your Christmas tree.


And then, a Hockerty protective cover with matching ribbons is provided.


Then, under a fluffy, crisp tissue paper, your pair is revealed.


I personally opted for a Barcelona low-cut model in leather in gourmand shades of chocolate and cognac, with a gold logo on the heel.


And there’s no denying the high quality of the product, with its reinforced sole, sturdy inserts and vibrant colors.


Sniffing the scent of leather and inspecting the interior, you’re in for a pleasant surprise: the word “ortholite” appears on the sole next to the Hockerty name. Just so you know, this type of sole is found in many running shoes and some sneakers, and yours is one of them. They offer enhanced shock absorption and ventilation.


All that’s left is to put them on.


Admittedly, it would be a shame to keep them at home like a museum piece.


The model sits well on the foot without compressing it, and the wedge sole provides good protection from the ground.


Well, I’ll leave you to it, I’ve got some gravel to tread.



Featured Photo: © Hockerty

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