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For its new collection, Camille Fournet is inspired by urban mobility

For its new collection, Camille Fournet is inspired by urban mobility

Since 1945, Camille Fournet has been working with leather and its many uses in the service of luxury and elegance. In 2021, it is inspired by urban mobility to create new leather goods models in the spirit of the times.


On the occasion of its 75th anniversary and the launch of its new collection, the brand is moving with the times, into the age of mobility. “Urban Mobility” is designed to respond to new urban practices, but always with luxury. Camille Fournet wants to reflect the evolution of lifestyles and the needs that arise from it. This new collection aims to reconcile urban chic and extreme utility, whether on a bike, on foot, on a skateboard or on a motorcycle.


Tote bag 32.09 © Camille Fournet


Symbol of the movement, the accessories of the Urban Mobility collection are adaptable to the needs and habits, allowing to carry the necessary.


The collection is inspired by traditional military equipment, with tote bags, backpacks and other fanny packs that are very practical to put on. The technique of the squared leather allows to modulate the bag as you wish, to hang external pockets with a flexible attachment system of great resistance.


17.05 bracelet © Camille Fournet


Since 2000, the company has expanded its leather goods universe to include bags and small leather goods designed in Tergnier, Picardy. Today, its reputation is based on the quality of its leather, but also on its high standards of craftsmanship, its architectural cuts, its made-to-measure offer and its 100% made in France products.


In 1945, Camille Fournet created watch straps and small leather goods in its workshop in Saint Quentin. Its interest in the delicate work of rare leathers grew and the company quickly became the privileged partner of the greatest watchmaking houses.


32.12 chest bag © Camille Fournet


The rare leathers of exceptional quality used by the House come from the best breeding farms, from Louisiana for the alligator, from South Africa for the ostrich, from France and Italy for the calves and bullocks.


Today, the company creates more than 400,000 custom-made bracelets and bags per year in its Picardy factory. It offers an exceptional palette of more than 600 colors for all its precious leathers, enriched each season.


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The “Urban Mobility” collection can be found on the Camille Fournet website.




Featured photo : © Camille Fournet

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