Japan and its sumptuous gardens

Japan is a destination that makes many dream, and even more so as the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are in full swing. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful gardens in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Ryōan-ji Garden, Kyoto



The Ryoan-ji garden is located in the Zen temple Ryōan-ji, in Kyoto. Ryōan-ji is a Zen monastery located in the northwestern part of the city, and is one of the historical monuments of ancient Kyoto. Gathering masterpieces of Japanese culture, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It consists of only 15 rocks and gravel and is thought according to the Karesansui (A dry garden, 枯山水) philosophy, a type of Japanese garden made of sand, rocks, gravel and moss, usually without the presence of other plants.


The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo



The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo are among the most famous gardens in the Japanese archipelago, and are usually very popular with tourists. The site used to host the Edo Castle during the Edo period. The most attractive part of the site is the Ninomaru Japanese Garden. Originally designed by tea master Kobori Enshu in 1630, the garden is praised for its unique natural scenery, especially during the cherry blossom and autumn leaf seasons. The gardens to the west are within the Emperor’s residence and are not open to the public.


The gardens of Adachi Art Museum



The Adachi Art Museum was founded by a businessman from Adachi, Adachi Zenko, in 1970. Adachi Zenko exhibited his personal collection of artworks, a collection of 1,300 works, which is displayed in a rotating pattern and is designed in harmony with the rhythm and colors of the different seasons. Businessman Adachi Zenko selected each of the stones and plants in the gardens of the Adachi Art Museum. These gardens are composed of four distinct areas: the white gravel and pine garden, the moss garden, the dry landscape garden and the pond garden. They have been awarded by Sukiya Living Magazine: The Journal of Japanese Gardening as the most beautiful Japanese garden for the 18th consecutive year.


Yuushien Garden



The Yuushien site is the first production site of peony shrubs in Japan. Its garden was designed to be a space for walking. In the heart of the garden, an exceptional room is installed and allows to appreciate the flowering of the peony plants all year long. In November and early December, the Yuushien Garden puts on unique illuminations to enjoy the shimmering colors of autumn.


Kenroku-en Garden, Ishikawa



Kenroku-en Garden in Ishikawa is one of the three most famous gardens in Japan. With its vast area of 10.074 ha, the garden is home to 8,200 trees and shrubs representing 160 species or varieties of plants. Kenroku-en Garden has six essential assets that make it a perfect landscape garden: a waterway, a unique view, antiquity, isolation from the rest of the world, space and artificiality.




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